Friday, 20 September 2013

Weed Wiper Part 4

After using the weed wiper I had mixed results I found it worked better on shorter weeds than taller ones plus you need to apply the same amount of weed killer as you would a sprayer so as the leaves are wet, it will more than likely work very well with neat weed killer as you should not have to totally cover the weeds with the solution to get it to work, below are some pictures of effects

The picture below shows longish weeds given a good coating of weed killer

This picture is longish grass given a good coating as if spraying

Short/Longish weeds given a light brush over smaller weeds dying off

Again short/longish grass strip given a quick wipe over no effect

The 2 jubilee clips worked to hold the rope wick better but  I intend to  replace those  with 1 15mm pipe clip to hold the rope wick in the centre and use neat weed killer in future, overall a very good product nice and light to use once you learn how to use it correctly and mixture strength

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