Friday, 8 November 2013

100 Christmas Tree Transplants

I have available a limited number of small Nordmann Fir transplants in plug cell form these are perfectly ok they are just below grade size for resale at the full price, they are approx 4 - 5 inches well branched just lacking in height, these are 60c each i can post 100 for 15.50 (within Ireland) total for 100 plants would be only 75.50 Euro, we do accept paypal or cheques simply contact us with your requirements, you can order more or less plants, collection is available

Please note price is 60 cents per plant

Options with these plants, you can pot up and grow on for planting out in your field later or plant into a transplant bed and grow on outside you will just need to be careful they don't get smothered in grass this way and you cant find them, a general picture is attached of them

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