Thursday, 20 October 2011

2011 Tree Planting

October planted 156 nordmann fir, 143 noble fir into a section of field and 44 nordmann fir into pots, still time to order your own wholesale transplants

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

October 2011

Noble fir and nordmann fir seeds have been sown this month a total of 4000 approx, we are also planting 150 nordmann fir and 150 noble fir plants this month in the field to grow on for cut trees, There is still time to order your own wholesale xmas tree plants Xmas Tree Transplants From 85c Each

Saturday, 6 August 2011

2011 field prep

We have now started to prepare another section of the field for transplants to go in about October time, the first prep is to spray rows of roundup to kill of the grass where the trees will be going, Rows have now been rotavated ready for the new plants

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pre order christmas tree transplants now

Now is the time to start to think about ordering your christmas tree transplants, we are now taking pre orders for Noble Fir for collection/delivery from October onwards, discount on bulk orders
Christmas Tree Transplants

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All About Noble Firs

All About Noble Firs

Noble Fir - Abies procera

In the wild, the trees are tall, beautifully symmetrical and grow to over 200 feet in height. The bark is smooth with resin blisters when young and changes to brownish-grey plates with age.

The needles are roughly 4-sided (similar to spruce), over 1 inch long, bluish-green but appearing silver because of 2 white rows of stomata on the underside and 1-2 rows on the upper surface. The needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed.

The pollen cones are reddish and the seed cones are large (often over 5 inches long), heavy cones concentrated in the tree tops. They are erect and the cones scales are nearly concealed by shaggy-edged, sharp pointed bracts. The cones dissipate in the fall to release their seeds.

The original Latin name Abies nobilis had to be changed when it was discovered another tree already had been given this name. However, the common name has persisted because of the magnificent proportions of the tree and the large, heavy cones.

Nobles are native to the Siskiyou Mountains of northern California and the Cascade and Coastal ranges of Oregon and Washington. It closely resembles the California red fir (Abies magnifica var. magnifica), commonly used as an uncultured tree called "silver tips" in the California fresh tree market, and the shasta fir (Abies magnifica var. shastensis) that is grown in some Pacific Northwest christmas tree plantations.

It grows in middle- to upper-elevation coniferous forests and is often associated with Abies amabilis (or "silver fir") and other conifers. The best stands are found in moist, middle elevation areas with deep, rich soils. Middle-elevation stands are usually more open than low-elevation forests and occur on poorer, thinner, rockier soils in areas more frequently disturbed by wind, snow and sometimes fire.

Long considered an excellent christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long keep ability, the species is growing in popularity. It is also widely used in the greenery business to make wreaths, door swags, garland and other christmas products.

Its lumber is sometimes marketed as "Oregon larch" - possibly after the Larch Mountains because they were covered with towering stands of noble fir.

The wood is moderately strong and light weight. It is valued for its light colour and uniform straight grain. The early wood (spring wood) is creamy white to light brown and the late wood (summer wood) gradually changes to reddish brown or lavender tinged. The heartwood is indistinct.

The wood is easy to work. Its warm, light colour and straight grain makes ideal interior finish material for siding, panelling and doors. It is often sold separately for appearance applications and as Hem-Fir (Hemlock-Fir) for construction applications.

The R.A.F. Mosquito planes of World War II were built with noble fir frames.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New website

We have started a new website specifically for the sales of xmas tree transplants, where you can pre order for delivery from October onwards

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Follow us

Follow us as we start a xmas tree farm in Co. Limerick, we are now in our 2nd year of production

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

FREE xmas tree growers forum

There is a new forum for xmas tree growers in ireland, come and take a look and hopefully join so as growers in ireland can have a FREE resource place for information ask and anaswer questions on growing xmas trees, you can be a new or established grower all member are welcome

Why Buy a Real Irish Christmas tree?

Irish Christmas trees are really fresh due to the reduced travel stress on them.
 Once cared for properly, non-shedding trees such as the Noble Fir and Lodge pole Pine will not lose their needles.

Real Christmas trees remain good value and can be recycled after use at locations nationwide, creating compost for gardens and landscape use.

Each tree is cultured as an individual tree and produced to the highest quality standards from the time they are planted right through to delivery.

In accordance with sustainable yield management promoted by the Forest Service new Christmas trees are continually being planted to replace those trees harvested.

During the ten year growing period one hectare of Christmas trees produces between 70 and 105 tons of oxygen

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Transplants Planted

April 2011 293 Noble Fir transplants planted into the field, a bit late going in the ground this year 304 smaller plants into transplant bed for growing on

Seeds Sown

October 2010 2250 seeds of Noble Fir sown into plug cells

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Welcome to our first post

We believe that Limerick Xmas Tree Centre is Co. Limericks first and only choose and cut xmas tree farm where you can choose and cut your own real growing xmas tree, we are a family business located in Ardagh, Co. Limerick, we pride ourselves on the quality of our christmas trees, we started  christmas tree production in 2010 follow us through our blog as we keep you upto date on the progress of our trees,

We operate on a choose and cut system, you the customer visit our xmas tree farm where you are able to walk around the growing live trees we have for sale, you choose one and cut it using one of our supplied saws, if you are unable to cut it yourself we will cut it for you, it is then netted to make it easier for you to take home, We believe that we are the first and only christmas tree farm in County Limerick to operate this service.

Aswell as selling cut trees to the retail market we also supply shops etc trees at wholesale prices, we also sell transplants starting of from 8" tall

We grow Premium quality Noble Fir (recommended for air conditioned offices) . Noble Fir are the original non-shed christmas tree . The colour is blue green, the needles are soft the tree has a real "christmas tree" scent . We believe that our premium quality Noble Fir are the best available christmas trees on the Irish market.

We also have Welsh Blue Noble Fir which has a distinctive blue colour to it needles with a hint of green on the under side of the needles

We also sell Abies Nordmanniana - Nordman Fir which is another non/low shed needle tree

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