Friday, 26 February 2016

Pot Growing Christmas Trees

An experiment to grow smaller Christmas trees, 

These are Fraser fir, my thoughts are to try in the ground then dig up and put in pots when ready for sale at ideally year 3, these are planted through the mypex to protect from weeds, growing like this they wont be lacking in water, i can still feed them, there is enough room between them for shearing etc

Fraser Fir

or grow in 5L pots from day one, ideally they should be ready for sale at year 3, with pot growing they need lots of water, still need to feed them every year, in pots they are easier to handle when ready for sale as they are already in the pots

Pot Grown Fraser Fir Pot Grown Fraser Fir

These are some Noble fir in 5L pots planted this year

Pot Grown Noble Fir

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Drainage and Saving a Flooded Field

We have had a lot of problems with run off water from the road flooding part of the field out this year as the field is lower than the road and the plants are standing in water, my plan is to put a trench alongside the road, in the actual field

Another problem i have is drainage in part of the field it gets the run off water from the road and there are a couple of springs popped up in it now, i weed licked last autumn, my plan is to get a digger and make a shallow trench and long mound are the shallow trenches will drain the water and the trees get planted on the long mounds in rows, this i hope will keep the roots out of standing water

The boggy wet area


Standing water everywhere


Hopefully a solution as i dont think underground drainage will work, long mound the length of the area to plant, i am thinking 4ft apart mounds 2ft wide 1ft high, more to follow later on in the year as i cant do any of this work until its drier
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