Thursday, 28 April 2011

Transplants Planted

April 2011 293 Noble Fir transplants planted into the field, a bit late going in the ground this year 304 smaller plants into transplant bed for growing on

Seeds Sown

October 2010 2250 seeds of Noble Fir sown into plug cells

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Welcome to our first post

We believe that Limerick Xmas Tree Centre is Co. Limericks first and only choose and cut xmas tree farm where you can choose and cut your own real growing xmas tree, we are a family business located in Ardagh, Co. Limerick, we pride ourselves on the quality of our christmas trees, we started  christmas tree production in 2010 follow us through our blog as we keep you upto date on the progress of our trees,

We operate on a choose and cut system, you the customer visit our xmas tree farm where you are able to walk around the growing live trees we have for sale, you choose one and cut it using one of our supplied saws, if you are unable to cut it yourself we will cut it for you, it is then netted to make it easier for you to take home, We believe that we are the first and only christmas tree farm in County Limerick to operate this service.

Aswell as selling cut trees to the retail market we also supply shops etc trees at wholesale prices, we also sell transplants starting of from 8" tall

We grow Premium quality Noble Fir (recommended for air conditioned offices) . Noble Fir are the original non-shed christmas tree . The colour is blue green, the needles are soft the tree has a real "christmas tree" scent . We believe that our premium quality Noble Fir are the best available christmas trees on the Irish market.

We also have Welsh Blue Noble Fir which has a distinctive blue colour to it needles with a hint of green on the under side of the needles

We also sell Abies Nordmanniana - Nordman Fir which is another non/low shed needle tree

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