Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rust Problems on Nordmann Fir

Whilst on one of my general walking checks I noticed that there is a bit of needle rust on some trees, i did some research for treatments and came back with Amistar, I also emailed Colin Palmer of Rural Services and he suggested using a fungicide called Bellis or Signum as Amistar can cause some scorching, Two applications are advised first one at bud swelling and second one at mid flush,

Bellis Fungicide Teagasc Field Use Instructions

Here is some information from Colin's website on rust Disease Control in Firs grown as Christmas Trees in the UK

There is available on Colin's website an annual programme for Weed, Pest & Disease in Christmas Trees

Colin also suggested controlling Willow Herb with fluroxypyr, Willow Herb can be the alternate host of this disease. Eliminate this weed within at least 500m of the crop. I do have this weed in my field in places. It is a nice colourful native wild flower, but if it harbors rust it needs to be controlled, one of my tasks this year will be to control and try to eliminate Willow Herb as much as possible

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