Friday, 6 September 2013

Weed Wiper Part 3

After using the weed wiper with the 2 cable ties on it did not go according to plan the rope wick still kept on moving around the end T Piece section the problem was the plastic cable ties on plastic T piece gets wet and still allows the rope wick to move around a bit so I changed the cable ties to 2 jubilee clips

2 picture dates 6/9/2013
I continued to do some more weed killing to test the jubilee clips out the rope wick did not move around as before, to see the weed killer effect using cm wide jubilee clips I have done a strip up the centre of this row, it did rain heavily for about half an hour not long after I finished so I shall have to wait and see

On a home use for small weed killing It does not really matter if the rope wick moves as you simply keep on turning the wiper over so as the rope is downwards, there will be more to follow on results of my weed killing once I can see the effects

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