Sunday, 8 December 2013

45 Discount Nordmann Fir Transplants In Root Trainers

45 Discount Nordmann Fir Transplants In Root Trainers

I have available a quantity of Nordmann Fir transplants already planted in root trainers to grow on The plants are approx 5 inches in height, there are 45 plants per root trainer, the idea of the root trainer is to allow the plants to grow and the roots simply grow straight down due to the design of the root trainer price is €27.00 per tray of 45 plants collected, delivery would be difficult on these

These are also available 60 plants per tray at €35.00

The root trainers are plug cell shape with special grooves in which encourages the root to grow downwards and not spiral around inside the cell, there is a drainage hole at the bottom, With the plants in the root trainers you can leave to grow on outside they wont need feeding, you can if you wish feed middle of the year and simply keep them watered and they should be big enough to plant out in your field approx August, a general picture is attached of them

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