Thursday, 29 August 2013

Weed wiper (hand held) for spot treating weeds

I have purchased a weed wiper for individual weed killing around the base of up to 3-4 year old Christmas trees i hope to find this easier than carrying a backpack sprayer it only holds 0.4L of chemical i think it could have done with being made with a larger diameter pipe that holds the chemical we shall see any way

From suppliers website
Simple, safe and inexpensive. These are the features of the weed wiper applicator for spot treating weeds with glyphosateSimply ‘wipe’ the impregnated wicks onto the target vegetation and a small amount of the herbicide is transferred to the foliage. Quick and simple to use, lightweight, easy to clean and store and no moving parts

Weed wiper (hand held) for spot treating weeds. Just fill handle with chemical then wipe wick over leaves. Easy to use with no chemical contamination or spray drift

I shall be trying it out shortly

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