Thursday, 29 August 2013

Weed wiper (hand held) for spot treating weeds

I have purchased a weed wiper for individual weed killing around the base of up to 3-4 year old Christmas trees i hope to find this easier than carrying a backpack sprayer it only holds 0.4L of chemical i think it could have done with being made with a larger diameter pipe that holds the chemical we shall see any way

From suppliers website
Simple, safe and inexpensive. These are the features of the weed wiper applicator for spot treating weeds with glyphosateSimply ‘wipe’ the impregnated wicks onto the target vegetation and a small amount of the herbicide is transferred to the foliage. Quick and simple to use, lightweight, easy to clean and store and no moving parts

Weed wiper (hand held) for spot treating weeds. Just fill handle with chemical then wipe wick over leaves. Easy to use with no chemical contamination or spray drift

I shall be trying it out shortly

Thursday, 22 August 2013

August 2013 Planting

We have planted our Nordmann Fir in plug cell form for this year, this year we are trying out a different method of weed control around the bases of the plants by putting squares of plastic around the transplant, this will keep the plant clear of weeds and can be easily removed when the trees are large enough to suppress any weed growth underneath them

We only have approx. 200 of our pot grown Nordmann Fir left all transplants in plug cell form are sold out for this year

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hydroponics and Christmas Trees

We are starting to plant this years Christmas trees that are grown in compost filled plug cells, hydroponics is becoming increasingly popular, hydroponics is growing plants without compost/soil as a growing medium,

Would it be possible to grow a Christmas tree transplant to about 16 - 20cm in height using hydroponic methods all a plant needs to grow is oxygen, water, and nutrients, the nutrients is supplied naturally by the compost, in hydroponics you place the nutrients in the water and the plant goes into a non soil substrate in a pot which is then placed in water and the water level is kept constant,

With the normal method of growing plants in soil, plants get all the nutrients, water and oxygen they require through their roots from the soil. Due to the physical characteristics of soil though one or even all of these essential items may be in limited supply for the roots to pick up.
When plants are grown in water such as with a Hydroponics, As long as the system is correctly setup the Plants receive an unlimited supply of Water.Nutrients are added into the water which the plants are grown in, This ensures the plant can receive exactly the right nutrients to keep it healthy.Also an unlimited supply of oxygen is available as healthy plant roots are always in direct contact with air, although this may seem a little odd as the plants are grown in water. Usually the plant roots are not submerged.
Advantages for growing with Hydroponics
No messy soil
Less Maintenance, No need for watering of plants
Less Pests as they can’t live in the soil
Less Root disease caused by soil

Christmas tree transplants are grown in root trainer/plug cell trays if the seedlings of the Christmas trees are still grown in these with the substrate with nutrient rich water running under them they will still have food and water but will they still grow to the required size as it take about 2 years to achieve a transplant of about 16cm in height

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

hootsuite test posting

this is also a test posting using hootsuite hopefully it should go to all my social network sites, we are getting 1st lot of Christmas tree transplants next week

August 2012 Planting Follow Up

Last year we planted about 66 noble fir and 378 Nordmann fir due to adverse weather conditions we were unable to get onto the land and cut the grass in good time and this  meant that it has unfortunately grown very tall, yes there are plants in here

I thought this was going to be a problem for my plant growth but after speaking to someone they said the best growing practice is to plant your plants and just leave them for the first year, so I decided to check through and the results are very encouraging with the plants being protected from late spring frosts and heat waves etc they have done considerably well, I have still yet to count through my losses which get replaced this month

Noble Fir

Nordmann Fir

Limerick Xmas Tree Centre
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