Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Transplants Planting August 2015

That time of year again, planting of transplants, I weed killed the area to be planted last month, and it is relatively weed free, I don't dig the ground prior to planting anymore as this only brings up new weed seeds from lower down, and it seems to cause more weed growth come the spring than if I don't dig it

Using the planting tool I made, I simply put a hole in the ground to drop the plant into and firmed in, the plants are plug cell grown which makes them easy to plant, there is a section on my website on planting How to Plant Transplants this year I have planted 5' between the rows and 4' between the plants the plants are still planted alternately,

P     P      P       P       P       P

P      P      P      P       P

P      P      P      P       P       P

My aim is to plant 500 Nordmann fir this autumn then another 500 in the spring, I wont weed kill around these one again until next autumn, I like to give them a good year to establish themselves first, I will pull any large weeds up if need be, they will be fed with agroblen in the spring, and the usual cutting of grass between the rows.

We have also started on seedling planting into plug trays these are 1½ years old and will be grown on till they are 3 years old and will be big enough for planting out 

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