Monday, 23 March 2015

Planting Christmas Trees

I have been playing with a couple of different planting methods,

1, Post hole borer, Simply makes a hole in the ground and plant in the hole, nice and quick but after a while the machine gets a bit heavy so i made a trolley for it, the post hole borer sits in the cradle push down which forces borer into the ground, the spring is under tension which when you let go raises the borer off the ground just push along to next hole space, still need to work on this alter the design a bit more, this is ideal for any plants that have been pot grown and a bigger hole is needed.

2, Long handled bulb planter, i also tried one of these, it was ok but difficult to push in the ground if you caught a stone or anything else hard under the surface, i took a core of soil out then just put the plug cell grown transplant in and firm around, not the easiest of tools on stony ground

3, A planting bar, the easiest way yet, box section made in to a wedge shape with a handle on it, height approx 40" and currently my preferred method of nice quick easy planting of transplants

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