Bare Root v Plug Cell Trial

We are starting an experiment between the bare root and plug cell on this years plants 2013, to see which ones grow better or faster throughout there period of being cultivated for cut trees, the ground has been prepared exactly the same way for both, weed killed rotavated then weed killed again before planting, the trees will be treated the same way, i.e plastic around the base of them to prevent weed growth competing with them,

Plug cell these are 2 year old and approx 6 - 9 inches tall we planted 401 in the ground in August as we feel this is best time to plant them as the ground is still warm

Bare root these are 2+2 which is 4 years old in the second year the tap root is undercut they are then left for another 2 years in the ground, they are approx the same size as the plugcell 6 - 9 inches in height, these are grown in the UK and are meant to be ready for resale as cut trees by about 4 years from planting, these were planted in September as they are lifted when they show no more signs of growing for the year or first frost in the UK, we planted 186 of these


We shall monitor the height grown each year, any losses that we may have, etc

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