Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pot Growing Christmas Trees With Easiroot Pots

Have come across a pot that you place in the ground for growing trees in, i shall be trying some Christmas trees in them, primarily Nordmann fir, Noble fir, Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir

Developed for the production of any trees or shrubs, the Easiroot pot has 163 holes of 3mm diameter uniformly spaced around the circumference and base of the pot.

Trees are planted in the Easiroot pot in open ground and left, typically, for three to five years. The tree roots grow through the holes, but the small size of the holes restricts the diameter of the roots.

Advantages are seen in a reduction of irrigation because the tree is able to take water and nutrients from the outside. The pot is easy to lift, at which point the roots are sheared off and the tree transferred to a sale pot. Roots that formed callous against the inside of the Easiroot pot are quick to produce uniform growth.

Video of the Easiroot pots in use

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