Monday 18 June 2012

Pre Planting Weed Control Part 1

Over the next few weeks i shall explain weed control before planting young trees into the plantation this is part 1

Weed Control in Christmas tree plantations is one of the most important cultural practices during the early life of a plantation.

Weeds compete for water, nutrients, and light and extend the time required to produce a marketable tree.

Successful weed control helps the grower produce high quality trees and can result in a more rapid return on initial investments. In addition, weed control can prevent trees from forming deformed bases since shading inhibits proper formation of lateral branches. Weed control can reduce the potential of insect and disease damage and damage by animals, such as mice or rabbits, since their habitat is removed.

Weed control reduces the hazard of fires by removing unwanted fuel. Finally, reduction of weeds reduces interference with labour and equipment movement and improves the plantation’s appearance for consumers.

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