Tuesday 3 September 2013

Weed Wiper Part 2

Recently I have been using the weed wiper I purchased, below is an account of my use of the weed wiper,

It only takes 0.4L water originally I thought that would not be a lot of liquid for weed wiping but surprisingly it goes a very long way as you are only just damping any weeds, I filled up the weed wiper handle with water to a couple of inches below the top then I added my roundup

Once I started weed wiping I found that the rope wick which you brush over the weeds kept on going to an angle so as you start wiping the weeds with the plastic end of the weed wiper which is not very good so my solution was to attach 2 cable ties to hold the wick in place at the desired angle I wanted, I also found that if the cap was unscrewed a bit it let air in at the top which increased the amount the wick got wetter with weed killer solution which is what you need

Below I have a picture of one of the trees with short weeds under it I weed wiped around and the second picture is of an area of grass I weed wiped, the other trees I weed wiped around had taller weeds around them to compare the best use short weeds 4 inches and less or longer weeds 6 inches plus

In all I weed wiped around about 400 trees and only used half of the 0.4L of solution, My next write up on the weed wiper will be the results and if the 2 cable ties solution works as I still need to use it with the cable ties on.

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