Tuesday 22 October 2013

Hand Made Wreaths

Traditionally, placing Holly wreaths at the doors were the only decorations.
The concept of Christmas tree arrived much later. In the pre-Christian times finding Holly bushes with berries was quite easy and was considered fortunate for the families. Moreover, Holly bushes did not cost anything and even the poor could afford to have them in their houses. Thus, it became a tradition to put Holly rings at mantelpieces and doorways. Today, however the decorations have gone beyond Holly wreaths.

For hand made wreaths I would like to recommend Conor of noble foliage the wreaths are hand made in Co. Cork
10' remembrance wreaths €5, and decorated Christmas wreaths €6.75.
For the 12' size €6.00/7.50. also available are 24' wreaths/table centres & mantle piece etc..

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