Thursday 5 December 2013

Caring for and Planting a Live Christmas Tree

I am on a regular email list for growing and selling plants, the emails are by an American grower Mike McGroarty, the emails i get are not overwhelming every single day etc maybe 2 -3 times a month which is nice and they always contain excellent information,

The most recent one was called The Consumers Guide to Caring for and Planting a Live Balled in Burlap Christmas Tree, Mike has given me permission to share the link with you on my blog

There is a reference i like comparing ice cream to burlap balled Christmas trees compare this in relation to buying a pot grown tree, if the tree moves in the compost in the pot it is not pot grown the tree has been dug up from the field with roots and placed in the pot chances are these trees will not survive being replanted in your garden as you cannot tell how much root is left, with a properly grown pot tree you should see some roots coming out the bottom of the pot and the tree wont move in the compost

The article is American but you could still apply it to Pot Grown Christmas trees that you wish to plant out in your garden

We still have some Discount Nordmann Fir for sale in root trainers we have 60 plants at 35 euro per tray or 45 plants at 27 euro per tray the plants are approx 5 inches tall

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