Friday 18 April 2014

Christmas Tree Growers, Land Owners Grow With Us For A Better Future

Christmas Tree Growers, Land Owners Grow With Us For A Better Future
Land Owners Grow With Us For A Better Future, Are you looking to diversify or start Christmas tree production, If you have the land you have the opportunity

Don't be fooled by other suppliers/websites claiming that Christmas tree production is easy and a get rich quick scheme, it is not, it can be a full time job at times, it took us approximately 4 years to gain the knowledge that we have on Christmas tree growing as any information i needed i had to find out by trials on my land and by research or by joining groups that you have to pay to join and when you are starting out that is one expense you don't really want, but if you purchase transplants from us we will help you with FREE advice as much as we can, you will also have FREE access to further information in our private section on the website which is just for growers that we supply plants too.

For further information and plant prices visit our website

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