Thursday, 20 August 2015

Small Weed Licker

Recently i made a small weed licker that fits behind a machine and is narrow enough to fit in between the rows of trees, it is only 3' wide with a gravity fed water tank,, the roller is a 6" diameter plastic pipe which rolls on top of the grass and rotates freely, the covering is just an old piece of carpeting, the wheels on the sides are what keeps it up of the ground.

I may change it to a pump system yet and also change the white PVC pipe for copper, the pipe has a row of small holes in it, water just drips out constantly onto the roller i can regulate the flow by the stop lever on it.

My thinking is to try to suppress the grass/weed growth in between the rows of trees, even if i just do it once a year in the rows i can easily get down i am hoping this will go further to help control weeds,

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